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De Toren Private Cellar - Door in Cellar
De Toren Private Cellar - Door in Cellar

De Toren Private Cellar

De Toren – World class wines was the order – The Method: Modern terroir mapping, Organic farming methods, Gentle cellar, Aligning vines to the wind and an added bonus, Incredible views!

Incredible views, vines planted using the most advanced scientific methods, organic farming methods and modern artistic winemaking makes De Toren Private Cellar an inspirational cellar with world class wines.

A little about De Toren Private Cellar

At De Toren, the complexity in their wines is a direct result of their scientific and artistic design.
The estate’s vineyards were designed from the ground up to produce world-class wines and particular attention was given to each vine’s exact location, soil type and alignment to the prevailing wind directions.
Designed on scientific principles – wines from De Toren are crafted with attention to detail from soil to vine, to cellar. Here science meets the art of winemaking in perfect harmony.

Through an extensive scientific analysis of the farm’s soils, 15 soil types were identified on its 25 hectares.

The decision to make Bordeaux styled blends – both Left bank(Mainly Merlot driven) and Right bank (Cabernet Sauvignon driven) vines were planned and planted to match the blends of these classic wines.
These vines are the five Bordeaux red cultivars namely Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot which were planted on 10 different rootstocks from 25 different clones.
For each of the varied soils, a different combination of rootstock, variety and clone was chosen to deliver the best diversity within the vineyard. The cellar too is designed with quality winemaking in mind. Smaller wider fermentation tanks allow for greater skin contact and the tower(De Toren) which allows for gentler gravity feeding between tanks and barrels, eliminating the usual bruising pumps. Barrel choice is also made with great care to add specific flavour compounds by design.
All these factors have created an incredible depth of diverse influences for the winemakers of De Toren to make the magic that is the art of blending Bordeaux style red wines.

With organic viticulture(vine growing), calculated vine pruning and removing nearly half the bunches before the harvest, grapes land in the cellar at optimal concentrations of fruit flavours.

That De Toren does things in their own way is evident in the vineyard, the cellar and eventually in the bottle. The private wine tastings and cellar tours are of the highest standard, which is highly recommended!

De Toren Private Cellar at a glance

Wines of note

  • The Black Lion
  • Book XVII
  • De Toren Fusion V – Organic Cab-led Bordeaux Bordeaux red blend
  • De Toren Z – Merlot-led Bordeaux red blend
  • De Toren Diversity
  • De Toren Délicate – Bordeaux blend Rosé

Cellar master

Charles Williams


Martin Fourie

Reasons to visit

  • Bordeaux style red blends
  • Wine tasting and wine tours
  • Private wine tasting & cellar tours, hosted by a senior team member.
  • Luxury tours and tasting and of course the iconic tour and tasting.

Best time to visit

All year destination. Early morning and late afternoon, is the best photographic and vineyard tour times.

What to do at De Toren Private Cellar wine estate

Highlights on the estate

  • Luxury tasting lounge
  • Exceptional wine tastings of world renowned wines and cellar tours by senior team members

Things to do or see

  • Wine tasting
  • Cellar tours

For children

The estate is not geared for children.


  • Several estates in the area offer outdoor activities


De Toren offers true wine experiences for lovers of exceptionally crafted wine


No annual public events


website: De Toren Private Cellar
email: Enquiries
tel: +27 (0)21 881 3119

Social Media

Facebook: De Toren Private Cellar
Instagram: De Toren Private Cellar
Youtube: De Toren Private Cellar

Wine tasting

Opening times: 09:00-16:00 Weekdays only

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