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Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines Benchmark of South African wine making

Visit Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines:
The new Benchmark of South African winemaking in the splendid Franschhoek valley

The story of Mullineux & Leeu Family wines has its basis in Love and passion. The passion for wine making shared by Chris and Andrea Mullineux in far-flung wine regions of France, California and South Africa, led to a love that left its mark on South African wine making since 2007. In 2013 they started a new collaboration with Analjit Singh, creating one of the finest family wine ventures in the South African wine industry.

This wine producer proves that winemaking is passion and art you can savour

A little about Mullineux and Leeu Family Wines

You may taste the incredible wines of the amazing winemaking duo of Chris and Andrea Mullineux in the Mullineux and Leeu Family Wines Franschhoek cellar, the vines, however, have their home in distant wine regions.

The Mullineux vines have their home on the Roundstone farm in the shale and granite soils of the agriculturally challenging, yet beautiful Swartland wine region. The soils chosen yield exceptionally smooth Chenin Blanc and profoundly structured Syrah. The terroir-specific range comprises a Chenin blend, Syrah and sweet Chenin wines. Exceptional years also produce some smaller batches of parcel-specific ultra-premium wines based on Chenin and Syrah.

The Leeu Passant wines have multi-regional origins in historical (often the oldest) vines in the Wellington, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek wine regions. With these exceptional vines, the Mullineux duo produce the most extraordinary wines ever made in South Africa. This range specifically pays homage to the outstanding classic Cape winemaking styles.

Regardless of whether you follow foreign or local wine critics, this wine farm consistently draws accolades for the best wines, as well as the best wine producer in South Africa.

Savour the love for wine-making at Mullineux and Leeu Family Wines!

Mullineux and Leeu Wine Estate at a glance

Mullineux and Leeu Passant Wine Ranges

  • Mullineux range,
  • Single Terroir range,
  • Kloof Street Range,
  • Leeu Passant

Wines of note

Mullineux Single Terroir Range
  • Granite Syrah – Shiraz/Syrah,
  • Granite Chenin Blanc – Chenin Blanc (Wooded),
  • Schist Syrah Roundstone, Schist Syrah,
  • Iron Syrah – Shiraz/Syrah,
  • Iron Chenin Blanc – Chenin Blanc (Wooded),
  • Schist Chenin Blanc – Chenin Blanc (Wooded)
Mullineux Signature Range
  • Old Vines White – White Blend (Wooded),
  • Straw Wine – Vin de Paille / Straw Wine,
  • Syrah – Shiraz/Syrah,
  • Flora – White Blend (Wooded),
  • Carignan – Carignan
Leeu Passant Range
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Sauvignon,
  • Stellenbosch Chardonnay – Chardonnay (Wooded),
  • Dry Red Wine – Red Blend,
  • Radicales Libres – Chardonnay (Wooded),
  • Stellenbosch Chardonnay – Chardonnay (Wooded),
  • Basson Cinsault – Cinsault


Andrea Mullineux, Gynore Fredericks, Wade Sander


Chris Mullineux, Rosa Kruger


Anrdrea & Chris Mullineux


Mullineux and Leeu Family Wines (Pty) Ltd – Chris & Andrea Mullineux, Analjit Sing, Peter Dart 

Reasons to visit

  • Wine tasting of worldwide award-winning wines, by knowledgeable staff
  • Exceptional Shiraz/Syrah, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Red and white blends,
  • Continuous production and constant improvement of award-winning and remarkable wines
  • Family-friendly hospitality
  • The unique tasting cellar and alfresco tasting
  • Mountain biking
  • Excellent hospitality.
  • Romantic, elegant accommodation.
  • Highly rated restaurant for residents
  • Art, wherever you move on the premises.

Best time to visit

This is an all-year destination, with a winter fireplace and alfresco (outside) summer tastings. Although early morning and late afternoon are the best for views across the Franschhoek valley, all day is well worth the visit.

What to do at Mullineux and Leeu Wine Estate

Highlights of the estate

  • Elegant tasting rooms
  • Wine tasting of consistently award-winning wines.
  • Views across the Franschhoek valley
  • Superior art collection

Things to do or see

  • Wine tasting
  • Art viewing
  • Enjoy the tranquil gardens and views over the valley


  • Several outdoor activities are available in the area, such as hiking and mountain biking, as well as walking through the historic town of Franschhoek.


Mullineux and Leeu Family Wine Estate presents itself as a romantic and elegant, escape from the hustle and bustle of other vineyards.


No annual public events.

Contact Wine Estate

website: Mullineux & Leeu
Contact: Enquiries
Tel: Tastings: +27 (0)21 492 2224 (Thurs-Sun) – Office: +27 21 569 3010 (Mon-Fri)

Contact Garden Restaurant

website: Mullineux & Leeu
Contact: Enquiries
Tel: +27 21 569 3010 (Mon-Fri)

Social Media

Facebook: Mullineux & Leeu
Instagram: Mullineux & Leeu

Wine tasting

Opening hours – (Bookings are essential): 

Daily tastings

Tastings on The Roundstone farm are only on Fridays and by appointment only

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