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Shingwedzi is an idyllic rustic camp in the North of the Kruger Park. Ideal to search for elephant and buffalo herds, where birding is prolific and rare species of animals, birds and plants abound.

About Shingwedzi

Shingwedzi is not the biggest main camp in the Kruger National Park, however it is romantically rustic in an idyllic location, with abundant bird life and great game viewing on the Shingwedzi river, that can give you a rewarding and peaceful safari experience.

Shingwedzi rest camp is located on the banks of the Shingwedzi river, with great riverine viewing. The surrounding mopane veld does not support herds of common grazers, but large herds of around 60 elephant and buffalo herds up into a hundred can be encountered. Rarer antelope species and those, that prefer proximity to rivers can be found. The winter months are best for game viewing, but summer brings many migrating bird species. This camp could make you want to stay longer. Several of the famous big 7 tuskers(large tusked elephants) commemorated in the Letaba elephant hall, roamed these plains.

Why visit Shingwedzi?

  • Shingwedzi has an idyllic river setting in the heart of the northern Mopane bushveld.
  • Situated on the banks of the Shingwedzi river, this camp is well known for its abundant bird life, verdant riverine trees and some great wildlife viewing in the Kruger Park.
  • The camp also has an abundant nightlife including: African Scops-Owl, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl and if you are a lucky, keen birder, bat hawks at sunset and sunrise, as well as nightjars.


A family friendly camp, with varied accommodation and facilities, yet rustic with a great remote safari and bush experience. Look out for the lively tree squirrels.
Intermittent, yet great game viewing along the river courses around the campsite and north, especially on the S56 Babalala route, S50 and S52 Shingwedzi river. The game is not abundant in the mopane shrub, therefore larger herds of buffalo and elephant and possible lion prides make it well worth while.
Walks in the camp site offer great birding and tree spotting possibilities.
Swimming pool for residents will entertain the kids on hot summer days.
In the camp, be sure to keep an eye and ear open for African Scops-Owl Verreaux’s Eagle Owl and if you are a lucky, keen birder, bat hawks and nightjars.

Biome(animal and plant habitat)

Mopane shrub dotted with apple-leaf, leads to sizable riverine trees on wide alluvial flood plains.

Animals to look out for in the area:

Sharpe’s grysbok,
Tree squirrels,
Vervet monkey,

Birds to look out for in the area:

African Jacana,
Bathawk(for the fortunate),
Bennett’s Woodpecker,
Black Crake,
Broad-billed Roller,
Cut-throat Finch,
Dusky Lark,
Dwarf Bittern,
European Hobby Hawk,
Green-backed Heron,
Grey Go-Away Bird,
Grey Penduline Tit,
Hornbill Red-billed,
Hornbill Southern Yellow-billed,
Indigobird Dusky,
Indigobird Village,
Mosque Swallow,
Mourning Doves,
Natal Robin,
Natal Spurfowl,
Owl African Scops,
Owl Verreaux’s (Giant) Eagle,
Starling Cape Glossy,
Starling Greater Blue-eared,
Stork Open-billed,
Stork Saddle-billed,
Stork Wooly-necked,
Stork Yellow-billed,
Weaver Red-headed,
White-crowned Lapwing,
Yellow-billed Oxpecker(especially around buffalo)

Not to miss routes in the area:

H1-7 Main road traffic, although possible elephant and buffalo herds as well as lion prides
S50 Long route, but secluded, peaceful and can be rewarding with rare species
S52 Famous Red Rocks and Tshanga lookout
S56 Riverine drive
H1-6 Up to the S144
Babalala H1-7, S55, H1-7, S56, Babalala, H1-7, S135 opposite route in afternoon 75km 3 hours
Tshanga H1-6, S52, Red Rocks, Tshanga Lookout, S52, S1-6 70 km 3 hours
Mopani S50, Kanniedood hide, Dipeni, Nyawutsi hide, Grootvlei dam, Shibavantsengele lookout, H1-6, confluence lookout, Mooiplaas picnic site, Tropic of capricorn, Shingwedzi 140km 9 hours
S50 (Short) S50, Kanniedood hide, Dipeni, Nyawutsi hide, Grootvlei dam, Shibavantsengele lookout return on S50 90km 4 hours
Pafuri H1-7, Babalala, H1-8, S63, Pafuri Picni site, S63 East towards Crook’s corner, return S63, S64, H1-7 230 km 9 hours

Water centered game and bird viewing:

Rivers: Seasonal Shingwedzi and Mpongolo
Dams: Grootvlei dam
Bird Hides: Nyawutsi, Kanniedood
Waterholes: Lamont, Dipeni

Notable Camp Facilities and Activities:

Game drive in an open vehicle, with a trained guide
Filling station
Swimming pool
Northern Plains 4 x 4 Adventure Trail (weather permitting)
Guided bushwalks
Camp walks


Bungalows 66
Campsites 50
Huts 12
Cottage 1
Guest Houses 1

Contact Shingwedzi

  • Tel: +27 (0)13 735 6806/7
  • Mobile: 082 889 4376

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Jacques has been a keen travel junkie, for as long as he can remember. Having spent his childhood in Namibia, Limpopo province in South Africa (near the Kruger National Park ) and KZN in South Africa and later Cape Town, always been surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery. Qualifying as a safari guide in 1996, Jacques guided over virtually all possible natural eco systems and travelled over hundreds of thousands of kilometers, through all the southern African countries. Later he spent 8 years living and working in Austria, mixing cultural, city and natural scenic travels all across Europe.

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